Join the YMCA’s cheerleading program!

Learn cheers, jumps, dances, and more. Classes are available for youth, 5-18 years of age. All classes take place in the Tri-County YMCA Gymnastics Area.

Cheer I: For the beginning cheerleader.
Teaches children and teenagers the basic skills needed to advance in cheerleading. Your child will learn to memorize cheers and master the art of performing them, as well as proper technique for jumps and kicks.
Tuesday 6:30-7:30PM
Member $40.00
Non-member $65.00

Cheer II: For the cheerleader who has already mastered Cheer I.
Students will better learn their skills of cheering and jumping. Classes are filled with more advanced cheers, jumps, dances, and basic stunting techniques.
Tuesday 7:30-8:30PM
Member $40.00
Non-member $65.00

Cheer III: For the cheerleader interested in competitive cheer, who has already mastered Cheer I & II. Your child will learn advanced cheers, jumps, dances, stunts and will begin working towards competition. Standing back handspring without spot is required.
Saturday 1:00-3:00PM
Member 80.00
Non-member $130.00


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